[Google G1] RA-dream-v1.7.0 釋出

Google G1 用的 customized recovery image RA-dream-v1.7.0 釋出:

  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Recovery and scripts use /sd-ext instead of /system/sd as mountpoint to support the new apps2sd method (implemented mostly by Chris Soyars)
  • Added an option to backup/restore Google proprietary Android system files (backuptool.sh written by Cyanogen)
  • Removed "move apps2sd"-option as it's not needed anymore with the new apps2sd method
  • Updated BART to v1.3.1 (updated by Dumfuq to support /sd-ext)
  • Added a wipe cache only option
  • Nandroid now backups/restores /cache again by default
  • Dalvik-cache wipes /cache/dalvik-cache now
  • Removed SDCARD: prefix in output when chosing zip to flash
  • Added Cyan version (There's no difference with the normal version, only the wallpaper and textcolor changed)

[Google G1] 電池容量校正

(轉譯自 CyanogenMod Wiki

感覺 G1 電池開始老化?用這招加減救一下看看:

  1. G1 接上充電變壓器把電池完全充飽再關機,並確認充電指示燈號為綠色。
  2. 重開機至 recovery mode,並 wipe 掉 battery stats。
  3. 拔掉充電變壓器並重新開機。
  4. 正常使用至 G1 因電池電力完全耗盡而自動關機為止,在這期間請不要理會低電力警示。
  5. 接上變壓器充電約八小時(不要開機),並確認充電指示燈號已轉為綠色。
  6. 拔掉充電變壓器並重新開機。
  7. 搞定收工。