Chase Freedom 第三季 5x 回饋開始接受註冊

Chase Freedom 2015 Q3 Bonus

Chase Freedom 今天開始接受第三季 5x 回饋註冊,而這一季則是加油站與 KOHL’s 消費回饋都提升到 5x;若同時持有 Chase Sapphire Preferred 或 Chase Ink 的話,還可以把點數直接轉換為各大航空公司哩程或飯店點數。例如原本消費 $1 只能換成 $0.05 的現金回饋,透過 Chase Sapphire Preferred 或 Chase Ink 轉換後可以換為 5 哩 United Airlines award mileages。


Double your Discover cash back!

Double your cash back

Discover 放大絕,開放所有 Discover it 持卡者接下來一年再疊加一倍 cash back,也就是原有的 5% cash back 都加碼變成 10%,而原有的 1% cash back 都變成 2%;這個優惠需要在 07/31/2015 前打電話或使用 online chat 向客服手動申請。


  • After the first twelve consecutive billing cycles that you are enrolled, we will double all the Cashback Bonus rewards you have earned and apply them to your account in the next billing cycle. Enrollment into this promotion will not be finalized until your next billing cycle; any spend you make from today until your next billing cycle will not be eligible for this double Cashback bonus promotion.

  • You earn rewards on purchases you make that have posted to your account by the end of the 12th consecutive billing cycle. You will not receive Double Cashback if your account is closed or no longer in the Cashback reward program as of the award date.

  • This fantastic offer will activate on the next billing cycle! Your Double Cashback Bonus will post by the 13th billing cycle following your enrollment!

使用 Credit Card 或 Debit Card 繳稅

Pay your Taxes by Debit or Credit Card

在美國繳交保護費所得稅給 IRS 時,除了常見的個人支票或銀行轉帳付款之外,同時也可使用 Credit Card 或 Debit Card 支付。這些服務並非由 IRS 本身提供,而是由第三方公司提供的服務;雖會收取一定比例的手續費,但也相對提供了利用 Credit Card 或 Debit Card 付款賺取紅利回饋的機會。所有 IRS 認可的支付服務業者都能在官網上取得資料:Pay your Taxes by Debit or Credit Card

要注意的是各家對於 Credit Card 或 Debit Card 收取的手續費皆不同,甚至 American Express/Discover/Master/VISA 也不一樣,因此在選用之前,記得看看自己手上的卡片,算出那張卡最適合。以我來說,由於 Fidelity Investments American Express Card 有著固定 2% 現金回饋,對應到 收取的 1.87% 手續費時有差額 0.13%;如此一來至少在每年痛不欲生時,還能回補一滴滴血。 T_T


延伸閱讀:The ultimate guide to paying taxes by credit card, debit card, or gift card. Part 1: Primer