Car Home – 幫你省下買專用 Car Dock 的費用

不想花大錢買專用 Car Dock 又想使用 Car mode 的話,就來試試免費的 Car Home 吧。除了可視為加強版的 Car mode launcher 之外,還可設定為當自動連線至某一藍牙裝置(例如車上的藍牙)時,便自動開啟。

Customize up to 18 shortcuts to launch apps, direct dial numbers, or even navigate to a specific location.

– Speedometer (Speaks when pressed)
– Compass
– Current Weather Conditions (Speaks when pressed)
– Current Location (Speaks when pressed)
– 18 Shortcuts
– Location alerts
– Starts CarHome when bluetooth connection is detected
– Auto Bluetooth on with Car Mode (optional)
– Auto Bluetooth off when exiting Car Mode (optional)
– Auto Wifi on/off with Car Mode (optional)
– Displays speed in KPH or MPH
– Displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit



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