[Google G1] RA-dream-v1.7.0 釋出

Google G1 用的 customized recovery image RA-dream-v1.7.0 釋出:

  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Recovery and scripts use /sd-ext instead of /system/sd as mountpoint to support the new apps2sd method (implemented mostly by Chris Soyars)
  • Added an option to backup/restore Google proprietary Android system files (backuptool.sh written by Cyanogen)
  • Removed "move apps2sd"-option as it's not needed anymore with the new apps2sd method
  • Updated BART to v1.3.1 (updated by Dumfuq to support /sd-ext)
  • Added a wipe cache only option
  • Nandroid now backups/restores /cache again by default
  • Dalvik-cache wipes /cache/dalvik-cache now
  • Removed SDCARD: prefix in output when chosing zip to flash
  • Added Cyan version (There's no difference with the normal version, only the wallpaper and textcolor changed)


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