[Google G1] RA-dream-v1.6.2 釋出

Google G1 用的 customized recovery image RA-dream-v1.6.2 釋出。

  • Added power off menu item
  • New unyaffs binary patched by Koushik Dutta and Packetlss to fix the "losing root"-issue and incorrect file-time after a Nandroid restore
  • New dump_image binary (by Brainaid) patched by Packetlss to fix the "bad blocks"- Nandroid restore issue. (This will not fix old corrupted Nandroid backups! Please make new backups!!)
  • New mkyaffs2image binary
  • New flash_image binary
  • Updated busybox to v1.5.3
  • Nandroid menu options will NOT backup or restore recovery, cache, misc, splash1+2 (to avoid issues)
  • Fixed wipe option not wiping when ext was not present
  • Created carebear versions after the idea of packetlss
  • Switched the Nexus logo to a Green Carebear with Nexus One logo (Thanks Montalbert!)