Garmin 專用闖紅燈照相及測速警示 POI

剛在網路上翻到新版本(Updated January 09 2008),可直接用 Garmin POI Loader 餵給 Garmin GPS 玩玩;依我家附近那堆三步一崗、五步一哨的搶錢桿子來看,準確度很高。

This is a POI File for use in the united states.  It will work without modification on All Garmin GPS units, and SHOULD work on other units also.  Some format modification may be required for other brands of GPS.

It contains the location of 2733 Redlight Cameras, and 114 Speed Cameras.

下載:GPS_USA_POI_Redlight and Speed

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  1. 您好,請問有2011 USA speed & redlight  poi??


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